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How to Maintain Quartz Countertops September 28, 2018

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How to Maintain Quartz Countertops, Red Bank, New Jersey

If you’re looking for a strong, beautiful material to use for the surfaces in the kitchen, then quartz countertops may be perfect for you. In addition to their natural beauty, they have many advantages over other options: they’re easier to maintain, stronger than materials like granite, and contain an antimicrobial layer that keeps kitchens sanitary. Here are a few simple steps you can take to maintain them. 

How to Take Care of Quartz Countertops

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While it’s smart to wipe the counters off daily, be careful with the cleaning substances you use to perform this task. A rag dampened with warm, soapy water should be enough. When more thorough cleaning is needed, a regular—not high strength—glass cleaner may help. Avoid using anything stronger, such as oven cleaners, bleach, or turpentine; these will create a dull appearance and weaken the resin that holds the fragments of quartz together.

Avoid Hot Objects

kitchen countertopsWhile quartz is more resistant to heat than many other countertop materials, try not to place anything hot, like pans or slow cookers, directly on the surface. Instead, put them on hot pads, heat-absorbing mats, or stove burners. This will prevent any potential cracks from forming.

Perform Regular Cleaning

For the best results in appearance and sanitation, do a little bit of routine cleaning. Focus on wiping up spills and scraping off dried gunk from the counters. For this task, a plastic putty knife should work, as it will remove the unwanted substance without scratching the counter. Try to clean up messes right away instead of waiting at a later time to prevent the stains from settling into the material. 


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