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iPhone Repair: Tip #3 Charging Port December 21, 2018

Bend, Deschutes
iPhone Repair: Tip #3 Charging Port, Bend, Oregon


Charging Port/Headphone Jack/Microphone

  • Any of the following reasons COULD mean you need to have your dock connector replaced:
    • If people can’t hear you regularly when you talk on the phone
    • If your volume is stuck on “headphone”
    • If you are having carrier reception problems
    • If when you plug your lightning cord in and your phone does not connect or charge
  • Things to try if you are having the above problems:
    • First try to clean out your charging port with a wooden toothpick.  (Be careful-do not use paper clips or other really hard item or you can damage the internal parts.)  Lint and other debris can get caught in there and disrupt the connection.  
    • Also, make sure your lighting cord and charging brick work before paying for a dock connector replacement. These are easy to diagnosis.  Try new cords or charging bricks to see if one or the other is the problem.
    • If the bottom of your phone gets wet, you may experience issues: the phone saying the headphones are plugged in, there may be trouble with the microphone and with the charging port.  
      • You can bring it in to Experimac right away, but we have experienced some times the phone started working after about 24 hours.
      • Set your phone up-right so any water will drip to the bottom
      • Use an air can and blow any water out of the ports
      • Turn off your phone and be patient.
      • (Note: Liquid on smart phones is bad and can cause the internal components to corrode.  Bringing it into Experimac sooner than later is best to keep your phone working properly.)

For iPhones series 6 and 6S including Plus sizes: The charging port (otherwise called the “dock connector”), the headphone jack (aux connector), the microphone (and for the 6th generation and newer, the carrier antenna) are all part of one assembly.  If even just one goes out, the entire assembly needs to be replaced, but can be done.

(iPhones series 7 and up do not have the Headphone Jack): Same goes, charging port and microphone are one part.

If you have any questions, call Experimac of Bend at 541-797-6863

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