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What Is Brick Pointing & Why Should I Have It Done? September 6, 2018

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What Is Brick Pointing & Why Should I Have It Done?, Union, New Jersey

A brick wall conveys durability, strength, and solidity. However, without proper care, that facade can crumble over time. Thankfully, a process called brick pointing, also known as repointing, can effectively weaken mortar in aging brick surfaces without sacrificing the beauty and structural integrity of your home.

How Brick Pointing Addresses Erosion

Over time, erosion damages the cement that holds a building’s brick exterior in place. It’s normal for mortar and cement to break down over time, but factors like water damage from a broken downspout or flooding can escalate this process. Major cracks may form, exposing your home to structural damage. With brick pointing, a masonry contractor removes crumbling mortar and replaces it with new cement, restoring the integrity of brick surfaces. However, it’s important to work with a masonry expert, as improperly performed patch jobs lead to bigger problems down the line.

Important Considerations

brick pointingInexperienced homeowners and contractors often use the wrong materials or techniques to fix crumbling joints. Brick naturally expands and contracts in different temperatures. However, if the mortar mix is too rigid, the joints may prevent this natural expansion and the resulting pressure will cause parts of the wall to crumble prematurely. A contractor with experience in brick pointing will know the right mix to make the fix a viable long-term solution.

Even with the right type of mortar, the contractor must also have a deft hand. Proper technique involves carefully chiseling the existing, crumbling cement away from the joints. If the worker breaks through the brick’s fire-skin, you may wind up having to replace part of the wall. Masons with brick pointing experience know how to avoid this damage.


If your home’s brick facing needs a face-lift, trust the experts at Mega-Pro Exterior Solutions in Union, NJ serving Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Passaic, and Union counties. The home improvement specialists are skilled with roofing, brick pointing, siding installation, and even home additions, and strive to complete every project to your total satisfaction. To discuss your project needs, call (201) 496-4734 or visit them online to learn more about their masonry work.

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