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5 Ways Propane Is Crucial to Modern Farming August 23, 2018

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5 Ways Propane Is Crucial to Modern Farming, Connersville, Indiana

When you run a farm, you rely on a wide assortment of machines, appliances, and tools. Since many of them run on propane, it’s also important to have a reliable source of the fuel. Here are some of the ways propane is used in an agricultural setting. 

The Uses of Propane on Farm

1. Grain Drying 

The powerful machines that dry your grains can run on propane. The gas lets you dictate the exact degree of heat you want, minimizing the chance that you wind up with excess moisture and a lower yield. 

2. Light Vehicles

Due to technological advances, you can rely on propane for the small trucks and vehicles that you drive around the farm. With the efficiency of propane, you won’t find yourself having to constantly resupply with gasoline. 

3. Thermal Agriculture 

The heat from propane can be used to discourage the growth of weeds and other plants that may be interfering with what you’re growing. It’s an excellent way to control weeds without having to use large amounts of herbicide. 

4. Lawn Mowers

 With all the green on a farm property, lawn mowers tend to get a lot of use. With energy-friendly propane engines, your machine will serve you well for the months and years to come. 

propane5. Irrigation Pumps

Since propane tends to be a more efficient fuel than regular gasoline, it’s optimal to power your irrigation system with the gas. That way, you’ll be able to spread the amount of water you need without spending too much money. 


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