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3 Trends That Redefine Funeral Service Planning September 11, 2018

Morehead, Rowan
 3 Trends That Redefine Funeral Service Planning, Morehead, Kentucky

Families today have different priorities than previous generations. They want to a plan a more intimate funeral service, help preserve the environment, and off-set some costs of a traditional burial. If you’re preplanning arrangements, here’s what you should consider.

3 Modern Considerations for Planning a Funeral

1. Green Burial

Now that society is moving toward a more eco-friendly future, green burials are becoming more common. Instead of using a traditional coffin, the funeral home uses a biodegradable vessel for interment. This process helps to reduce the demand for natural resources like hardwood and prevents soil contamination. Most green burials cost about half as much as a traditional casket burial.

2. At-Home Funerals

If you prefer a more personal gathering, consider hosting a funeral service at home instead of in a church or funeral home. You can still hire a professional funeral director to help with arranging the viewing, interment, and other details of the service. 

3. Cremation

funeral serviceCremation is environmentally friendly, and it also costs about a third as much as a standard burial. Cremation can drastically cut down on the use of natural resources, such as land for the burial as well as the building materials that would otherwise be needed for a coffin. Families can choose an urn or even a piece of jewelry to store the ashes of their loved one.


If you’re preplanning your funeral services, Northcutt & Son Home For Funerals in Morehead, KY, can help you make arrangements that are personal, memorable, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Established in 1976, this family-owned and -operated funeral home is honored to serve all faiths, denominations, and nationalities across Rowan, Morgan, and Bath counties. To speak with a funeral director, call (606) 784-6491 or visit their website for more information.

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