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5 Best Ways to Care for Your Septic System August 22, 2018

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5 Best Ways to Care for Your Septic System, Carmel, New York

When it comes to septic tank care, the best course of action is a combination of routine maintenance and careful daily practices based on the tank and size of the household. Septic systems are fairly self-sufficient structures when owners follow simple guidelines such as avoiding heavy water usage in one day. If your home has a septic tank, follow these tips to prevent backups and repairs.

Septic Tank Care Tips for Your Home

1. Have It Inspected Routinely

The New York Department of Health recommends that septic tanks be inspected every two to three years by a licensed professional. Systems should also be pumped every two to three years to avoid a buildup of sludge and waste.

2. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

septic tank careProper septic tank care includes protecting the bacteria living there that process wastewater. When you use harsh cleaning chemicals or dispose of oils and grease, you risk killing the bacteria the system needs to function.

3. Don’t Use Too Much Water

Any water you use doing laundry, washing dishes, or bathing goes into the septic system for treatment. Depending on the tank’s size, too much water use in one day can overload the system. Set a schedule to avoid producing too much wastewater at once.

4. Don’t Use the System As a Trashcan

Certain products should never enter your septic tank, such as cigarettes, cat litter, sanitary napkins, and dental floss. Dumping non-degradable items in your garbage disposal or toilet causes clogs and system failures.

5. Protect the Drain Field

Proper installation of the tank is crucial to its functionality. The same is true for the drain field where filtered wastewater is deposited. You should know exactly where both are located and avoid parking cars and heavy equipment on or near the area. 


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