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Maintenance Checklist for Your Oil Furnace September 6, 2018

Montville, New London
Maintenance Checklist for Your Oil Furnace, Montville, Connecticut

An oil furnace is an efficient way to heat the home all winter long. Like any other home comfort solution, it requires some maintenance to prevent breakdowns and address safety issues. Below, Uncasville Oil, in New London County, CT, shares a maintenance checklist to prepare you for colder weather.

5 Maintenance Tasks that Will Keep Your Oil Furnace Running

1. Refill the Oil

During winter, the average oil furnace will burn about 3 gallons of fuel a day, which adds up to about 100 gallons per month. Check oil levels monthly during the cold months to avoid running out, which will require relighting the furnace.

2. Clean the Stack

The stack control monitors how well your furnace is functioning and initiates shut-off when the burner fails to ignite or if it senses other problems. To keep the stack from failing unnecessarily, clean it out before turning it on at the start of the season and again halfway through the winter months.

3. Clean & Lubricate the Blower

Oil FurnaceAnother task to complete halfway through the season is maintaining the blower. Clean and lubricate it to keep the burner working consistently.

4. Change the Air Filter

As with any heating or cooling, oil furnaces have air filters you must change periodically. Check your furnace’s instruction manual to find out how often you should replace it.

5. Check for Rattling & Soot

Inspect your oil furnace periodically for signs of soot around the base and listen for rattling sounds. Either of these signals indicates problems that can lead to carbon monoxide emissions in the home, so call a furnace repair professional right away.

Uncasville Oil performed the oil furnace installation, maintenance, and repair you need to stay warm this winter. They also offer oil delivery plans to keep your fuel levels up all season. For over 20 years, this company has provided oil services to New London County residents with affordable and convenient service options. Call (860) 848-2647 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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