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What Are the Effects of Summer Heat on Your Windshield? August 27, 2018

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What Are the Effects of Summer Heat on Your Windshield?, West Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Summer is the time of year when the sun is at its most intense, which is part of the reason why people love to go on vacations and spend time outdoors during this season. However, heat can also cause a lot of harm. Take your vehicle’s windshield for example. While it can help protect the cabin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays—especially if it’s tinted—it can also suffer damage that may require windshield repair. Below are some insights on what the summer heat does to your vehicle.

What Heat Does to the Windshield

Windshields are durable and made to withstand punishment from external elements like the sun, snow, and rain. However, what it can’t handle are extreme changes in temperature, such as when your vehicle is parked under the sweltering heat of the sun for an extended period, and you suddenly turn the air conditioner on at full blast the moment you get in. The temperature disparity between the heat outside and the cold inside can alter the integrity of the glass, making it prone to cracking. If it already has cracks or other damages, such as chips, holes, or pits, the expansion and contraction of the glass can make them worse.

How to Prevent It

windshield repairThe best way to avoid damage brought about by heat is to keep your vehicle parked under shade as much as possible.  Ambient temperature, even in the hottest of areas, will not warm up your windshield as quickly as direct sunlight can. If it’s unavoidable, make sure you cool the inside of your car gradually. Keep the doors open while you run the air conditioner at its lowest setting for a few minutes before you drive off. Since glass is more sensitive when it’s hot, you should also avoid slamming the doors. Bring your vehicle in for windshield repair service If you notice any damage, regardless of how big it is.


If you need windshield repair or replacement, get in touch with Hilltop Auto Glass. This auto glass service company specializes in rock chip repair, windshield replacement, door glass replacement, and other related services. They have been serving clients in Apollo, Kittanning, and Natrona Heights, PA, and the surrounding area for over 35 years. They also offer mobile services. Give them a call at (725) 567-7441 to get a quick estimate for windshield repairs, or visit their website for more information on the team and their services.

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