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3 Tips for Hiring a Paving Contractor November 21, 2018

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3 Tips for Hiring a Paving Contractor, Troy, Alabama

If you need to enlist a contractor for an upcoming paving project, take time to select a professional you can trust. The paving contractor you choose will have a major impact on both short- and long-term pavement outcomes as well as the level of customer service you enjoy. To ensure a successful project, consider the following factors.

What Should You Look For in a Paving Contractor?

1. Check Experience

Brand-new companies might provide quality service, but you can’t beat the assurance that comes with enlisting a company with years of experience in the field. Inquire how long the business has been established as well as about employees’ training and experience. Companies with a longstanding positive reputation in the community are more likely to provide a high standard of service as well as abide by all relevant rules and regulations.  

2. Ask About Services

paving contractorNot all paving contractors offer the same services, so take time to learn about the company’s particular areas of expertise. For instance, some companies only offer asphalt paving, while others provide other construction services like grading and draining. Furthermore, if you have a large-scale commercial project on your hands, select a company that has experience in high-stakes jobs such as highways, county roads, and commercial parking lots.

3. Request a Quote

Most quality contractors should be willing to provide a free quote. Before you commit to the project, take time to solidify the timeline as well as estimated expenditures. You can also compare their price to competitors to insure a solid investment—just be sure to verify their reputation to guarantee the caliber of service you deserve.

If you need a trusted paving contractor in the Dothan, AL, area, look no further than the locals’ go-to company. Midsouth Paving has earned numerous awards, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Contractor of the Year, you can rely on the premier team to handle any job. To learn more about commercial and residential asphalt and construction services, visit their website. For your free estimate, call today at (334) 712-7500 in Dothan, (334) 712-7500 in Eufaula, or (334) 712-7500 in Troy.

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