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Your Guide to Going Natural Vs. Staining for Hardwood Floors September 10, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
Your Guide to Going Natural Vs. Staining for Hardwood Floors, Lincoln, Nebraska

Following the installation of hardwood floors, you may wonder whether or not you should stain them. The natural beauty of unfinished wood makes homes feel more charming and rustic, but staining brings out deeper colors and adds a touch of elegance. Read on to learn more about which option is best for your property.

Should You Stain Your Hardwood Floors?

Benefits of Natural Wood

There are so many wood varieties, such as walnut, ash, and oak, that look simply lovely on floors when left unfinished. The natural colors, styles, and textures of the wood and their grain will give your home a more down-to-earth, personal charm. They instantly make any space feel more welcoming and bring the beauty of the outdoors right into your home. With a high-quality sealant, they will continue to look lovely for many years. 

Staining Advantages

hardwood floorsStaining, on the other hand, makes certain types of wood flooring look even more luxurious and rich. You have plenty of color options, too, but it’s best to select one that already appears naturally in the grain, whether you decide to go lighter or darker. Staining will deepen the brown and red hues in your flooring while also providing a nice polish and shine. Keep in mind that you should not stain certain woods, such as hickory and maple, as doing so compromises their integrity. 

Making the Decision

Allow your home’s architecture, decor, and wall painting to inform your decision about whether or not to stain your hardwood floors. Think about the overall ambiance you’d like to achieve in the space. In general, modern homes will look better with stained flooring, while more classic interiors pair well with the old-world appearance of natural wood. When in doubt, consult an interior designer or flooring contractor for their professional opinion.


Whether or not you decide to stain, Carl Bohlmeyer Floor Sanding will bring stunning hardwood flooring solutions to your home. They provide floor sanding, resurfacing, and refinishing solutions to properties throughout Lincoln, NE. Call them at (402) 423-7225 to speak with a representative about making a service appointment for your hardwood floors. Visit them online to learn more about their work. 

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