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The Causes of Heating Oil Price Fluctuations September 5, 2018

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The Causes of Heating Oil Price Fluctuations, Ledyard, Connecticut

Throughout the season, you may notice variance each month on your heating oil expenses. Though many delivery companies offer plans that make it simple for homeowners to budget, it’s smart to understand what causes the fluctuations in cost. Here are three common causes of the dips and surges in price.

What Affects Your Home Heating Oil Prices?

New London County, CT heating oil1. Weather

The colder it is outside, the greater the demand for heating oil. To meet those demands, refineries must have sufficient supply for delivery companies. In the event of a treacherous winter or colder than anticipated temperatures in the fall, homeowners may higher prices.

2. Crude Oil Costs

The pricing of crude oil itself is dependent on global supply and demand, weather conditions, natural disasters, economic concerns, and even the political climate. Refineries determine how much heating oil to produce based on how much they pay for crude oil. If it’s too pricey, they may not make enough to provide to home heating oil delivery companies. A reduced supply will naturally cause prices to rise.

3. Location

Homes in cold climates have a naturally greater need for heating oil. If the demand in your area is especially high, you will likely notice higher prices. However, not all heating oil delivery companies offer identical rates. A limited number of area suppliers creates rate surges, while more vendors create competition for customers. Delivery services must also factor in transportation costs. Some may assess additional fees based on how much oil your tank can hold.


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