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Sign up for our Sept. 16th Pickleball Tournament & Learn the story on how Pickleball got its name! September 4, 2018

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Sign up for our Sept. 16th Pickleball Tournament & Learn the story on how Pickleball got its name!, Beavercreek, Ohio

Check out our new Pickleball courts by attending our Pickleball Mixed Doubles Tournament on Sept. 16th, 2018 from Noon – 4 PM. This is for ages 40+ and will be mixed doubles. There is a small fee of $20 but registration includes a shirt, drinks, snacks, and trophies for placing teams! Call Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club at (937) 956-8864 or visit us online at to register and also ask to learn about our Sept. Pickleball membership! 

A Guide to the Origins of the Term “Pickleball”

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport enjoyed by all age groups and skill levels. Pickleball combines elements of table tennis, traditional tennis, and badminton and is played with a paddle and a plastic ball. While those who engage in the sport know just how fun it can be, its origins have an equally lighthearted backstory. Here to explain how the game got its name is the team from Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club, a place for Dayton area residents to play tennis and pickleball.

Who Was the Sport Named After?

You read that correctly—it’s not what the sport was named after, but whom! Few people know the establishment of this unique game has nothing to do with dill, gherkin, or any other type of pickles. According to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), the sport gets its name from a very clever canine whose name—you guessed it—was Pickles.

Why Was It Named After Pickles?

pickleballThree fathers in the Seattle, WA, area are credited for developing the game, one of whom owned Pickles. During their matches, the cocker spaniel would chase the ball and take off with his winnings. After a year or two of playing their game, the fathers decided to give it an official moniker, naming it after the beloved pet.

Are There Any Other Origin Stories?

Interestingly, the USAPA also notes that the wife of Joel Pritchard, who owned Pickles, told a different story about how the sport got its name. Joan Pritchard said she began referring to it as pickleball since its combination of other sports reminded her of pickle boats, which are manned by oarsmen who were left over from other boats.

No matter which story you choose to believe, it’s clear that today’s players of pickleball have every bit as much fun as its founders. Whether you’re new to the sport or would like to try your hand at it, you can play pickleball and tennis by joining Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club. Visit us online or call (937) 956-8864 to learn more about Pickleball and tennis memberships at Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club. 

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