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Why Someone Might Be Denied Release From Custody September 7, 2018

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Why Someone Might Be Denied Release From Custody, Silver Hill, North Carolina

After an arrest, one of the first things people consider is how to get released from custody as soon as possible. While each state has its own system for bail bonds, the basic principle remains the same. The defendant may have to put down a monetary deposit by posting bail. There are instances, however, when granting of bail is denied. Allied Bonding Company, a trusted bonding company in Lexington, NC, explains why.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail is often set by the judge at a significant amount to discourage the defendant from forfeiting or disappearing prior to the trial. If the defendant doesn’t have the cash to post bail, a company can lend the required amount to facilitate release. In exchange for this bail bond, the defendant has to pay additional fees and a portion of the bail to the company.

Why Are They Necessary?

bail bondSince a bonding company only requires a percentage of the posted amount as a down payment, bail bonds are a more affordable and efficient way to get released from custody. Agents collect a percentage of the bail amount as service fees. With the immediate posting of bail, the defendant can avoid incarceration until the trial begins.

How Can Someone Be Denied Bail?

A hearing is not a guarantee that the defendant will be granted bail, especially if they have been identified as repeat offenders, missed court dates previously, or escaped from prison. Request for bail can also be denied when the defendant is accused of a serious crime or considered a flight risk, particularly foreign offenders or undocumented immigrants. People who are mentally unstable or known to be a threat to society are also often kept in custody under strict monitoring. Sometimes even being rude to the judge may result in a request for bail being turned down.

If you have been denied bail, discuss your options with an experienced company that specializes in bail bonds. Allied Bonding Company can provide you with the necessary guidance in taking the next steps to freedom. They have been offering excellent services throughout the Piedmont Triad area for over 15 years. Contact them at (336) 239-2270, or visit their website for more information on their services.

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