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Aug. 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian Day August 22, 2018

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Aug. 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian Day , Perry, Georgia

Your cat deserves a lifetime of good health. To remain healthy and happy, felines require regular check-ups. If you haven’t already scheduled a veterinarian appointment this year, this upcoming August 22, National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, presents the perfect opportunity. While most cats visit the veterinarian before their first birthday, owners tend to skip these visits until something serious happens. Here are a few key reasons not to delay this essential appointment.

Why Are Veterinarian Visits So Important?

Detect Subtle Changes

Cats evolved to disguise issues with their health, which means owners may not notice when their pet is suffering or in pain. Fortunately, a veterinarian can employ specialized tests and training to more fully assess the health of your pet.

veterinarianThey will closely assess the cat’s appearance, gait, skin and coat, eyes, ears, nose, oral cavity, thyroid, abdomen, heart, lungs, and lymph nodes for any subtle signs of a problem. The doctor will also take the cat’s temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and capillary refill time. Through careful scrutiny, the vet can help assess potential issues.

Take Preventive Measures 

Your veterinarian can determine whether your cat poses a higher risk of certain conditions, like heart disease, respiratory illness, and diabetes and suggest preventive measures to combat them. By treating issues before they exacerbate, you can help extend your cat’s life span. For instance, the vet may suggest certain supplements for your cat or switching to a healthier diet.

Conveniently, preventive care also can avert the need for serious surgeries and other interventions later on. Remember, cats age much more quickly than humans, which means they enter their ‘senior years’ as early as age eight, when they possess a higher risk of many diseases and conditions. During this stage of life, experts recommend increasing vet visits to at least twice a year. 


Don’t forget to schedule your cat’s annual checkup.  At Perry Animal Hospital in Georgia, the friendly, animal-loving veterinarians want to help pets like yours live fully and well. The practice also offers flexible scheduling, accepts CareCredit®, and strives to make services economical and accessible to each and every patient. To learn more about the veterinary clinic, visit the website. If you would like to schedule a pet exam, call today at (478) 224-7387.

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