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The Top 5 Mulch Options of 2018 August 29, 2018

Moscow Mills, Lincoln
The Top 5 Mulch Options of 2018, Moscow Mills, Missouri

To help seal moisture into your soil, keep the sun off, and make your garden and landscaping beds look more attractive, you should apply a generous layer of mulch. There are several different kinds available, including DIY options and professional grade materials. Here are a few popular choices for 2018.

Types of Mulch to Choose

1. Shredded Hardwood

Hardwood is a natural material which is both attractive and full of nutrients. These will break down into the soil over time. Single-shredded mulch is the largest, designed to last, while double- and triple-shredded options break down more quickly and are excellent for gardening.

2. Gravel

While not technically a traditional mulch, various types of stone are sometimes used for the same purpose in landscaping. Marble chips, volcanic rock, pea gravel, and other options protect the soil and look gorgeous doing it.

​​​​​​​3. Cocoa Mulch

MulchFor a dark, rich color and an enchanting smell, choose mulch made from cocoa bean husks. The smell will last for several weeks, while the material itself is effective for one to three years. However, this option is not safe for dogs, so households with pets should choose something else.

4. ​​​​​​​Straw

While not as aesthetic as other options, straw is an effective, no-nonsense cover material that provides nutrients and can be used in practical gardens. You can also use pine needles for a similar effect.

​​​​​​​5. Live Ground Cover

This non-traditional mulch protects the ground from heat and evaporation. Alpine strawberries, vinca vine, and other low-growing plants are both beautiful and functional—just make sure to fertilize and water the area generously.


Once you’ve chosen the type of mulch for your garden, schedule a mulch delivery with River Bottom Topsoil in Moscow Mills, MO. Serving the Troy area, including Lincoln County, Warren County, Pike County and St. Charles County, they offer quality materials at affordable prices, as well as providing grading and excavating services. To discuss your project, call (636) 462-5331 or send a message online.

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