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What Is Inflammation & How Can Red Light Therapy Help? August 21, 2018

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What Is Inflammation & How Can Red Light Therapy Help?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Inflammation is one of the body’s physical defense mechanisms against infection. However, it can also be painful and, in the case of some diseases like arthritis, triggered excessively. Thankfully, modern advances such as red light therapy make it easier than ever to reduce inflammation.

How Inflammation Works

When tissues are damaged or when the immune system becomes overactive, white blood cells in the area release substances into the blood and tissue. The primary purpose of these substances is to increase blood flow to the area, which will protect it and promote healing. The area will swell with blood and fluid, and may become warmer than usual. This swelling puts pressure on the joints and stimulates the nerves, causing pain as a secondary response.

Symptoms of Inflammation

Red Light TherapyIn addition to heat, discomfort, and visible swelling, inflammation can cause redness and the stiffening of joints. In some cases, it completely immobilizes a joint. Over time, excessive swelling in the same joint wears down cartilage, leading to decreased joint mobility and pain which may persist even when the swelling is gone.

How Red Light Therapy Helps

Red light therapy, also called near-infrared light therapy, is a promising treatment with a diverse range of applications. It speeds wound healing and triggers the cells to produce anti-inflammatory proteins. This helps decrease the inflammatory response and adjusts the behavior of mitochondria in the affected cells, so wounds stuck in this phase of healing can move on to the next stage.


If you experience chronic pain and inflammation because of arthritis or other conditions, or if you’ve sustained a recent injury, Body Fix in Honolulu, HI, offers red light therapy to ease pain and speed the healing process. This treatment is also effective for reducing signs of aging and relieving acne. To schedule a session, call (808) 597-1110, and learn more about the treatment online.

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