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How Kids Benefit from Having a Working Mother August 21, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
How Kids Benefit from Having a Working Mother, Brooklyn, New York

Many parents worry children who attend a day care center while their mothers go to work are missing out on their childhood. However, kids with working mothers excel in several areas. Instead of feeling guilty when they drop their little ones off, parents should know the advantages of this arrangement. At God is Daycare Center, located in Brooklyn, NY, the staff understands the daily struggle for working mothers and provides some encouragement below.

Greater Independence

Kids with working mothers gain independent living skills at an earlier age. Having a routine each day encourages them to complete tasks like dressing, brushing their teeth, and getting their backpack ready. This routine also fosters an early sense of responsibility.

More Respect for Others

Children who attend day care centers gain more exposure to adult authorities, which prepares them for school and life in the world outside their home. They also gain crucial social skills like learning to share toys and attention, and to respect their peers with appropriate words and actions.

Quality Family Time

Daycare CenterWhile it’s true you won’t spend as much time with your kids quantitatively, working parents tend to devote equal quality time to their kids as stay-at-home parents. In fact, because this time is more precious, working parents may give their kids more undivided focus during the evening, helping build their self-worth.

Adult Success

If you’re a working mother who’s struggling to feel okay with dropping your little one at a daycare center before heading off to work, don’t fret. According to a recent study by the Harvard Business School, children with two working parents end up being more successful than those with stay-at-home moms. Boys grow into men who are more willing to help around the house because they had to as kids. Girls are more likely to take on leadership positions because they were inspired by their successful moms. By setting a good example, your children will be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

An excellent day care center is the key to finding true confidence as a working parent. At God is Daycare Center, you’ll know a qualified and caring staff is keeping your child is safe, nurtured, and encouraged to excel. With early childhood education and after-school care, they’ll even help prepare your child for school and help with homework. For more information about their services and qualifications, call them today at (347) 512-8966 or visit their website.

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