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Answers to FAQ About Returning to Work After a Job Site Injury September 4, 2018

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Answers to FAQ About Returning to Work After a Job Site Injury, Elko, Nevada

Worker’s compensation provides vital benefits for employees injured in the course of performing their job duties, including health care, wage replacement, and retraining if you are unable to resume your previous position. These benefits will likely continue until you’re able to rejoin the workforce, but they do not necessarily end the moment you go back to work. Below are answers to some of the most common questions beneficiaries have about returning after a work-related injury.

4 FAQ About Going Back to Work

1. When Should I Go Back to Work?

workers compensationMany workers are understandably anxious to get back to work, but resuming strenuous activity before you are fully recovered can exacerbate your injuries. Always follow your health care provider’s advice and wait for medical clearance before returning to work.

2. May I Accept a Light Duty Position?

Nevada’s worker’s compensation law allows employers to offer injured workers temporary employment that does not exceed the medical restrictions established by a doctor. If the salary of a light duty position does not exceed the amount of cash benefits to which the employee is entitled, worker’s compensation insurance will pay the difference.

3. Does Returning to Work Mean Surrendering Medical Benefits?

While most wage replacement benefits end when you return to work, worker’s compensation is still responsible for treating your injuries. In general, injured workers are eligible for medical treatment until they’ve reached maximum medical recovery.

4. Can I Collect Compensation for Missed Work?

After returning to work, many workers must still miss days to attend doctor’s appointments or cope with worsening symptoms. Worker’s compensation will pay for intermittent lost wages related to your health care needs and medical condition.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, the attorneys at Kidwell & Gallagher in Elko, NV, can help. This team of legal professionals has an in-depth understanding of the worker’s compensation process and the expertise to ensure you get the full benefits to which you’re entitled. Visit their website for more on their worker’s compensation representation services, follow their Facebook for more tips and advice, or call (775) 738-9877 to schedule a consultation.

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