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4 Top FAQ About Septic Installation & Repair September 6, 2018

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4 Top FAQ About Septic Installation & Repair, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Septic systems offer property owners a great deal of control over their wastewater systems. Proper septic installation and maintenance can help you eliminate most of the health concerns and environmental threats that go along with traditional wastewater systems. However, it is important that homeowners understand what goes into making these systems run properly. Here are some answers to questions you might have about this type of system.

Answers to Common Questions About Septic Installation & Repair

What Is a Septic System?

A septic system is a self-contained wastewater treatment system that includes an underground tank and drain field. The tank contains a type of bacteria that breaks down solid waste, and an underground pipe system that distributes liquid to the drain field so it is absorbed back into the ground. These systems are common in rural areas and those that are not connected to adequate offsite plumbing systems.

What Are the Benefits of Septic Systems?

Septic systems can be safer and more environmentally conscious than traditional sewage treatment options. Since the system is completely self contained, you don’t run the risk of backups or raw sewer discharges if there’s an issue at an offsite treatment plant. It also gives you more control over the distribution system.

What Types of Maintenance Do Septic Tanks Require?

septic installationSeptic tanks need to be pumped regularly—usually every three to five years—to remove sludge and buildup. Additionally, you’ll need to keep the drain field open, with no structures or heavy equipment placed over the top. You can add grass, but no trees or larger plants, since the roots can interfere with the tank and distribution system.

How Can I Tell When Septic Repairs Are Necessary?

The drain field is often what gives the first indication of a septic issue. If the area is constantly damp, it means that water isn’t being absorbed properly, so you should call a septic repair company right away. You can also keep an eye on how water is draining in your home. If there are any backups, you may need to have the tank pumped or inspected.


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