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What Is Myopia? An Eye Doctor Explains August 29, 2018

West Hamilton, Hamilton
What Is Myopia? An Eye Doctor Explains, Hamilton, Ohio

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is one of the most common eye disorders in the world. Despite its prevalence, this condition is misunderstood by many, even for those who deal with its effects on a daily basis. Not only can this disorder hamper your ability to see, but it can also prevent you from finding an appropriate treatment. To ensure their patients have access to top eye care at all times, the eye doctors at Wing Eyecare of Cincinnati, OH, offer the following information.

Causes of Myopia

The shape of your eye can have a direct impact on your ability to see. For instance, if your eyeball is too long, vision distortions occur, and this results in myopia. Despite its commonality, the underlying cause of myopia remains unknown. Some researchers point to a genetic link, while others think increased screen time is to blame for rising rates of nearsightedness. Myopia typically presents during childhood and usually stabilizes during the adult years. However, in some cases, it can grow worse throughout adulthood.

How It’s Diagnosed

Eye DoctorIf you’re concerned that you’re experiencing symptoms of myopia, immediate eye care is recommended. In this case, testing will take place, which involves using a distance eye chart. This is how you determine your visual acuity, which is measured in distance and character size — hence the 20/20 designation.

Your eye doctor will also use a device called a phoropter, which entails lenses being placed in front of your eyes. This establishes how well your eyes can focus light, which determines your ability to see far away. The information acquired during testing can also help establish the strength needed for your prescription.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of myopia, Wing Eyecare will provide answers. These eye doctors also offer comprehensive eye exams to ensure your vision is healthy throughout life. Schedule an exam in Cincinnati today by calling (888) 274-9464. You can also see the full listing of eye conditions treated by visiting the website.

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