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5 Warning Signs of a Dying Car Battery August 21, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead
5 Warning Signs of a Dying Car Battery, Kalispell, Montana

Like any other battery, car batteries have a shelf life. They produce numerous warning signs when they reach the end of their life spans to prevent roadside breakdowns and similar problems. Learn more below about dying car battery warning signs to keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road.

Top 5 Dying Car Battery Warning Signs

1. Frequent Jump Starts

car batteryHaving to jump your car battery every so often is not cause for concern; however, if you need to jump the vehicle one or more times a week, the battery is dying. Think of your car battery’s age if you need further convincing, as most last three to five years.

2. Bloated Battery Case

Car battery cases become swollen in response to extreme temperatures. Exposure to heat and cold causes battery casings to bulge, discharge sulfuric acid if they are left long enough, and die. Overcharging the battery using incorrect alternator settings can also cause swelling.

3. Odors

In addition to swelling, batteries emit rotten egg-like odors when they freeze, overcharge, or are about to die. Get yours inspected and replaced if you smell this foul odor to prevent sulfuric acid from eroding engine parts.

4. Slow Engine Crank

Since car batteries provide the stored energy your engine needs to power your vehicle, slow cranks are a surefire warning sign. You may hear a clicking sound in the engine if the battery is no longer capable of turning engine power over to the alternator while it recharges.

5. Dim Headlights

These small vehicle components are responsible for all of the power in your vehicle, including the dashboard and light illumination. Dim headlights are a common sign of battery power failure. Other electrical failures may also occur, such as power seats and windows that no longer work.

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