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4 Benefits of Post-Surgical Treatment August 21, 2018

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4 Benefits of Post-Surgical Treatment, Waterloo, Illinois

If you have had knee surgery or a hip replacement, the doctor will prescribe post-surgical treatment or rehabilitation. This post-operative healthcare is important because it will help you integrate the surgery and return to normal strength and movement. According to our expert staff at Evergreen Pointe Transitional Care, in Waterloo, IL, rehabilitation helps in the following ways.

Why Post-Surgical Treatment Is Important

1. Restores Range of Motion & Strength

Following surgery, the doctor will instruct you to get moving again as soon as possible, because every day that passes without motion will cause muscles, joints, and ligaments to tighten or atrophy. Even if you are still in the hospital but getting up and down to take short walks or use the bathroom, you are exercising muscles and joints. After returning home, you may have exercises to do on your own or be prescribed physical therapy. These exercises are designed to restore normal range of motion and strength safely.

2. Prevents Blood Clots

Movement and gentle exercise encourage the blood to circulate and not pool or form blood clots. Lying or sitting for long periods of time after surgery can increase the risk of blood clots, which can cause heart attack or stroke. 

3. Eases Pain & Swelling

post-surgical-treatment-restores-activityAlthough it may seem counter-intuitive at first, moving your knee or hip when instructed will help to ease pain and swelling in the long run. The key is to follow the therapist’s or doctor’s instructions for type and duration of exercise or motion. Monitored rehabilitation will help you know which exercise is appropriate and safe for your individual recovery.

4. Restores Normal Activity

Post-surgical treatment helps monitor the recovery process and enables you to get back to your normal activities. As you regain strength and range of motion, energy and optimism will return. Occupational therapy can help to find new solutions to daily tasks if surgery has made them difficult. 

Post-surgical treatment and rehabilitation are important to complete the recovery process and to take advantage of a new hip or knee. Evergreen Pointe Transitional Care offers skilled care services and outpatient rehabilitation.  Our program currently accepts, a variety of insurance plans and is conveniently located in Monroe County.  Visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer or call (618) 939-0400 to book an appointment.

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