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How to Discuss Dementia Symptoms With a Parent September 6, 2018

Toms River, Ocean County
How to Discuss Dementia Symptoms With a Parent, Toms River, New Jersey

It’s distressing to see a parent struggle with the early symptoms of dementia. Figuring out how to broach the topic with them is also quite difficult. Many adult children face combative responses or denial when they try to start the conversation. The home care team at Visiting Angels in Toms River, NJ, understands how sensitive the subject can be. Here are their tips for starting a productive dialog about getting your loved one the help they need.

Addressing Parents’ Dementia & Home Care Needs

1. Point Out Symptoms

While you may want to dance around the topic, you must point out the obvious, even if it evokes a defensive response. If they seem upset, respectfully bring up symptoms you’ve witnessed and ask questions about what they’ve been experiencing. Lapses in memory can be hard to prove, but getting your parent to consider day-to-day side effects will get them closer to acceptance.

2. Be Patient & Supportive

home-care-visiting-angelsYou can’t force your loved one to participate, so be patient and emotionally supportive. Anger will only delay progress, and distancing yourself out of frustration will worsen the situation. Demonstrate that your concern is borne out of love and wanting only the best for them. Dementia can be an isolating condition, but knowing you’re there for them will make moving forward easier.

3. Don’t Wait

Even if symptoms are developing slowly, the sooner your parent begins treatment, the better they’ll manage the symptoms. A doctor will suggest lifestyle changes to slow the progression, such as diet and exercise. Also, it may not be dementia, in which case they can get treatment for the underlying condition causing their memory issues. If it dementia or Alzheimer’s, however, this conversation is the first step toward a care plan for your parent, which may include visits from a home care specialist to ensure their safety and well-being.

If your parent is in need of home care services, turn to Visiting Angels. Their staff fulfills a variety of needs from basic help with housework and meal prep to extensive Alzheimer’s care. They’re committed to building long-term relationships and providing personalized attention for each client. Call (732) 240-1050 today to schedule a consultation with a home care professional. You can visit their website for a full breakdown of their services and connect with them on Facebook to learn more.

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