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How a Chiropractor Can Treat Your Headaches August 21, 2018

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How a Chiropractor Can Treat Your Headaches, Campbellsville, Kentucky

Headaches are a common occurrence for many people in Campbellsville, KY. In fact, some people experience debilitating headaches on a regular basis and are unable to find a reliable treatment that works. Dr. Kevin Richerson, DC, and his team recommend chiropractic care in this case, which has been shown to be an effective solution to this medical condition, both for controlling the frequency of headaches and the symptoms.

Causes of Headaches

According to the Mayo Clinic, common headaches can have a wide range of causes. Examples include issues in the muscles of your head and neck, which can result in pain and discomfort as well as increased tension. Muscle pain may be linked to a neck injury, hereditary conditions, or poor posture while sitting.

HeadachesA misaligned spine causes dysfunction in many different areas of the body. When a misalignment occurs, inflammation often follows. When the vertebrae of the neck are impacted, this inflammation often leads to irritation of the nerves and decreased blood flow to the head. Tension headaches can easily result, which are often treated via over-the-counter pain medication with varying degrees of success.

How Spinal Adjustments Can Help

Spinal adjustments are an alternative to medication that can relieve tension and improve function in the spine. By applying pressure to specific joints, a chiropractor relieves this mounting tension and allows the spine to function along with the rest of the body. While the exact mechanisms of treatment are yet to be discovered, many people claim to feel relief from headache symptoms after a chiropractic adjustment. In one case cited by the National Institutes of Health, a patient suffered from chronic migraines at least once per month. As a result of 11 treatments that took place over a nine-week period, the patient reported that her symptoms had greatly decreased.

If you regularly suffer from headaches and can’t find a suitable treatment, Dr. Kevin Richerson, DC, is here to help. Along with treating people suffering from injuries, this clinic can also address pain and mobility issues related to arthritis. If you’d like to schedule an appointment in Campbellsville, call (270) 469-9308 today. You can also visit their website for more information on a complete listing of services.

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