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A Complete Guide to Softballs February 14, 2020

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
A Complete Guide to Softballs, Cincinnati, Ohio

There’s more to a softball than meets the eye. While this seemingly ubiquitous piece of sports equipment is as common as a golf ball or a football, regular players may recognize that not all softballs are the same. They have some qualities that are very similar, while others help set them apart. The team at Siefert’s Sports Center, the leading sporting goods store in Cincinnati, OH, is here to explain more about these traits.

What You Need to Know About Softballs

1. Cover

Softball covers are made with either synthetic or genuine leather. In competitive settings, the color of choice is yellow to ensure greater visibility. For those seeking sports equipment for a recreational league or school team, the softball is usually white.

2. Core

Cincinnati, OH sports equipmentThe softball’s core is indicative of its quality. A professional-level ball is constructed of polyurethane or kapok, a resilient fiber. Using these improves ball stability, may increase drive distance, and prevents excessive bat vibration. For balls used at the recreational level, the core is made with rubber, cork, or some combination of the two. This lighter weight material may prevent injury among beginners.

3. Stitching

The stitching plays an important role in the ball’s performance. Raised stitches may help minimize resistance as the ball moves through the air, thereby encouraging it to travel further. Softballs with flat stitches, by contrast, will not travel as far. Seams are different colors depending on the league, and are usually blue, red, black, or gold.

4. Logos

Most pieces of sports equipment bear some sort of logo. Softballs incorporate the brand’s name, along with some other information. You might notice a league name on it, for example, along with different stamps that indicate the ball’s size and compression. These details help coaches and other professionals verify the ball’s quality for league play.

5. Size

The size of the softball is largely dependent on the level of play. Beginners normally use 11- or 12-inch balls with soft cores. In a slow-pitch league, the ball is typically 12 inches, while professional leagues use 11-inch balls. These travel at greater speeds than slow-pitch balls.

If you’re seeking softballs or other sports equipment for your team, you’ll find an excellent variety at Siefert’s Sports Center. The sporting goods store also carries an extensive range of products, including custom baseball caps and company uniforms. Once you come into the store, you’ll understand exactly what makes them such a trusted area institution. Offering reasonably priced products, the company treats you like one of the family—their goal is to make the entire process simple, whether you’re shopping for equipment or personalized uniforms. Visit their website for more information, or call (513) 662-1520.

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