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Top 4 Signs of Roof Damage After Hailstorms August 28, 2018

Onalaska, La Crosse County
Top 4 Signs of Roof Damage After Hailstorms, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Although you can move the car into the garage before a hailstorm, it’s not as easy to protect the house from falling pieces of ice. After the weather clears, give the property a thorough inspection to locate any cause for concern. This way, you can enlist roofers to make the necessary home improvements to prevent further damage. Below are a few common issues you might find after a hailstorm.

Types of Hailstorm Damage to Look Out For

1. Leaky Roof

The force of hail slamming against the roof could crack, shatter, or dislodge shingles. When hail melts, the moisture could seep between the damaged materials and settle in the roof substrate. This could saturate ceilings with water, leading to leaks. Check for water droplets in the attic, as it will help determine whether a roofer needs to repair or replace the membrane.

2. Stained Drywall & Ceilings

Onalaska-Wisconsin-rooferIf the roof is leaking, the moisture could stain and warp ceilings inside your space. Hail could also dislodge or break siding panels. Without a barrier to protect the home infrastructure from the elements, water could seep inside walls and discolor drywall, peel paint, or pucker plaster. 

3. Broken Shutters 

Many homeowners install hurricane shutters to protect fragile window glass when bad weather arrives. High-speed winds during hailstorms could loosen the panel fasteners. If the shutters have pulled away from the house, a contractor has the tools to secure them back into place. 

4. Clogged Gutters

If you have asphalt shingles, hail could knock loose the granules. The ice pellets could also cause wood shakes to splinter. The debris could get washed into the gutter system and clog the channels. If water settles on the roof and won’t drain from the house, blocked gutters are most likely to blame. A roofer will clear out the fixtures and inspect them for any damage that needs to be repaired. 


If sporadic weather has wreaked havoc on your property, the fully insured roofers at Coulee Region Roofing & Siding in Onalaska, WI, will restore the structural integrity, energy efficiency, and comfort of your home. To schedule a commercial or residential roofing appointment in La Crosse County, call (608) 780-5582. The roofers will answer all your questions to ensure the project goes off without a hitch. Visit the team online to learn more about their services.

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