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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Recharging an AC System September 3, 2018

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Recharging an AC System, High Point, North Carolina

During the summer, your home is a refuge from the hot weather thanks to your air conditioning system. On hot days, there’s little better than stepping inside and feeling the rush of cool air. While you might know your AC system requires regular maintenance from expert HVAC contractors, you might not know that it may also require recharging. Below is an explanation of AC system recharging along with the warning signals that indicate a need for it.

The Basics of Recharging Your Home’s AC System

What Does Recharging an AC System Entail?

HVAC contractorRecharging an AC system doesn’t mean plugging it into the wall to power up a battery as you do with other devices, such as your phone. Instead, AC recharging refers to refilling the refrigerant levels. The Environmental Protection Agency has enacted a law that states only HVAC contractors that have been certified can complete this task since refrigerant is hazardous if it’s not handled properly. 

How Do I Know My System Needs to Be Recharged?

If an AC system remains healthy, it shouldn’t have low refrigerant levels, as the refrigerant is designed to have greater longevity than the unit itself. When the refrigerant seems to be too low, it often indicates a greater problem. Make sure to call HVAC contractors to recharge your system if the vents in your home produce warm air or if the AC unit has developed frost. The air won’t cool to the desired temperature if the refrigerant is leaking, and the pipes and other parts of the system will become frozen when the refrigerant has seeped into places where it shouldn’t be. A professional should also inspect the system for leaks during regular maintenance.


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