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3 Benefits of a Mini-split HVAC System for Your Vacation Rental September 5, 2018

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3 Benefits of a Mini-split HVAC System for Your Vacation Rental, Macedonia, Georgia

As a homeowner with a vacation rental property, it’s your job to ensure the space is clean, secure, and enjoyable for guests. While your renters will pay for their time using your home, they aren’t likely to contribute to your utility bills. You may be wondering how you can reduce your energy consumption even while renters are in your property. Consider the benefits of having a local HVAC contractor install mini-split heating and cooling systems in your rental units.

Three Reasons to Install Mini-split Heating and Cooling Systems

1. Creating Multiple Zones

With older technology, it’s hard to create different temperature zones throughout one home. However, mini-split systems can do just that. Ask an HVAC contractor to assess your rental and suggest where to place indoor units. You may want to install them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room — all of which can be set at different temperatures. This allows you to combat the heat of cooking in the kitchen while making it more comfortable for your renters to sleep in the bedroom.

2. Reduced Energy Loss

HVAC contractorMini-split systems don’t have ducts. That means they’re not losing energy as air moves throughout your home. They’re more efficient than ductwork systems, which can lose up to 30 percent of the energy moving through ductwork according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

3. Installation

Since mini-splits don’t feature ductwork, they are much easier and faster to install. HVAC contractors only need to make one hole in your vacation home to connect the outdoor and indoor parts of the HVAC system and to hang the individual indoor units in each zone.


To discuss whether upgrading to a new HVAC is a good idea for your vacation home, contact the team of HVAC contractors at Kendall’s Heating & Air in Hiawassee, GA. They offer more than 40 years of experience with installation, repairs, and maintenance. Learn about their full-service offerings by calling their helpful and friendly customer service staff at (706) 896-0830. Visit the website for more information on their areas of expertise and the brands they carry.

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