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Why Is Custom Picture Framing Better Than Store Bought? August 29, 2018

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Why Is Custom Picture Framing Better Than Store Bought?, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Whether it’s a piece of artwork or a beautiful photo of your family, many pieces look better in a frame. But should you buy something pre-made at a home goods store or opt for custom picture framing services? Below, the team at Queen Street Gallery, located in Martinsburg, WV, explains why the latter is the superior option.

Customized to Different Sizes

Not every photo or work of art fits into the standard sizes ready-made frames can accommodate. If your piece sits somewhere in between the usual ranges created by manufacturers, you’ll either be forced to buy something that’s too big or have to find a way to make your image smaller, both of which can be frustrating and won’t produce an attractive result. Custom picture framing, on the other hand, creates a frame that fits your image exactly.

Tailored to Produce Beautiful Results

Icustom picture framingt’s not just the size of the frame that affects how the photo looks. Various colors can offset the hues in the photo or artwork and will add to its overall beauty. With ready-made frames, you are limited to the choices offered by the manufacturer. Professionals who specialize in custom work have access to a far greater range of hues and will work with you one on one to select the right shade for your piece. The end result will be a dramatic finish that truly accentuates the image.

For high-quality custom picture framing services, turn to the team at Queen Street Gallery. For over two decades, they have been known for helping their clients put the finishing touches on their photos and artwork at competitive rates. They also sell a wide variety of pieces, including African tribal artwork and vintage posters, that will look beautiful in your home or make the perfect gift. To learn more about their services, call them today at (304) 263-9495 or visit their website.

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