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4 Ways to Make Loved Ones Comfortable After a Hospital Stay August 10, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
4 Ways to Make Loved Ones Comfortable After a Hospital Stay, Ewa, Hawaii

Following an extended period of time in the hospital, your loved one will need help transitioning back into their home and everyday life. For instance, they might need transportation services to doctor’s appointments and more accessible household environments. Here are some ways you can assist friends and family members after an injury or illness.

How to Make a Loved One Comfortable After a Hospital Stay

1. Help Them Install Medical Equipment

Your loved one may need a variety of medical gear and equipment after a stint in the hospital. For instance, recovering patients may need oxygen tanks, blood sugar monitors, nebulizers, and CPM machines. Move these items into the patient’s home and set them up. 

2. Make the Home Accessible 

transportation servicesYour friend or family member will likely need extra help getting around the house. Build ramps or install lifts as alternatives to stairways. Make trips to the bathroom easier with commode chairs. Keep walkers, crutches, and mobility devices within easy reach. 

3. Hire an In-Home Aide

If you cannot be on the premises often enough, hire an in-home aide. This compassionate professional will assist your loved one with the daily tasks, including meal preparation, house cleaning, bathing, and medication reminders.

4. Arrange for Transportation Services

Your friends and family will also need rides to the doctor, grocery store, and other local destinations. Handicap transportation services make it convenient to get from place to place, and they are safe, efficient, and comfortable.


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