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Dog Kennel Shares Hot Weather Safety Tips for Your Pet August 17, 2018

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Dog Kennel Shares Hot Weather Safety Tips for Your Pet, Walworth, New York

Summer may seem like the perfect time to take your dog out and enjoy the weather, but you need to remain vigilant. Extreme temperatures can be dangerous for pets. Dehydration, exhaustion, and overheating are a much greater hazard when the heat rises. Orchard Kennels — Walworth, NY’s premier dog kennel — explains how to take care of your pet in hot weather.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

1. If It’s Too Hot, Stay Indoors

Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat to cool down — they pant. Panting is not quite as efficient — especially in high humidity — so dogs overheat much faster than humans. Additionally, the pads of your dog’s feet are just as sensitive as yours. If you can’t handle how hot the asphalt is, chances are they can’t either.

2. Don’t Shave Their Coat

You might be tempted to shave your pet to get rid of that sweltering coat, but there’s a reason they keep it throughout the year. Fur protects your dog’s skin from sunburn and helps prevent overheating. The dog kennel can, however, trim long fur to a more comfortable length during their stay.

3. Provide Plenty of Shade & Water

dog kennelsKeep your dog from dehydrating by providing them with plenty of clean, fresh water. Whether you’re going on a walk or to a dog park, make sure they have access to shade. Take breaks and allow your dog to rest if they seem to be slowing down. At Orchard Kennels, your dog will have lots of shaded space in their expansive outdoor exercise area as well as a refreshing doggie pool.

4. Don’t Let Them Out for Too Long

Energetic dogs can quickly exhaust themselves running outside in the heat, so limit walks and playtime. When the temperature reaches the double digits and the humidity is high, heat stroke can set in much faster than you’d think. Dog kennels recommend sticking to the morning and evening hours for exercise.

5. Recognize Signs of Overheating

For the safety and health of your dog, learn the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Excessive panting, drooling, increased heart rate, collapsing, vomiting, and seizures are signs to watch out for. During the excessive panting, your dog’s tongue will flatten out and almost look like a shovel. If your dog appears to be suffering from overheating, bring them inside immediately and begin cooling them down with lukewarm water. Make sure the water gets on their feet, underarms, and bellies but not on the You should call your veterinarian for further instruction.

Dogs at Orchard Kennels will always have a comfortable place to stay. From the spacious fenced-in exercise grounds to roomy enclosures, any dog 35 pounds and up can enjoy their own area or socialize with others. They also provide dog grooming services, so your pooch will be fresh and clean by the time you pick them up. Sign them up for dog obedience school, and they’ll be trained by a professional handler of your choosing. To learn more about this dog kennel, call (315) 986-1605. Visit them online for information about their boarding services.

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