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Your Guide to the Temperature Settings on the Washing Machine September 4, 2018

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Your Guide to the Temperature Settings on the Washing Machine, Dothan, Alabama

Modern washing machines have an array of temperature settings and other choices. Although you might be tempted to just toss your clothes in and pick something arbitrarily, the team at Park Avenue Coin Laundry in Dothan, AL, advises against doing this. By selecting the right temperature and material setting, you’ll ensure your clothing looks great for longer. Below, they offer a simple guide to help you get to know your washer better.

Which Setting Should You Choose?

The setting you select all depends on how dirty your clothing is. If the items were worn just once and don’t have any stains, turn on the Quick Wash cycle. If you’re washing clothes that need to stay wrinkle-free, like the outfits you wear to work or your child’s school uniform, use Permanent Press. For items that are extremely dirty, like the clothes you garden in, turn on Heavy Duty. If you’re washing a sweater or underwear, use Delicates.

Which Temperature Should You Pick?

washing machineThe temperature you select is important to the longevity of your clothing as well. If the items are darkly colored, delicate, or only lightly soiled, wash them in cold water. Warm is best for synthetic fabrics and clothing that has a lot of stains. Hot water should only be used when you’re washing socks, undershirts, and other white cotton items.

What About the Extras?

There may be a few extra settings on your machine, like “Pre-Wash” or “Hand Wash.” The former is perfect for items that are heavily stained or extremely dirty and need to soak before they go through a regular cycle. The latter is a gentle setting you can use for garments you’re only supposed to wash by hand.

Now that you know about all the settings on the washing machine, you’ll be a whiz at using Park Avenue Coin Laundry’s many high-quality washers and dryers, which are available for public use every day of the week. Don’t feel like taking on the chore of laundry yourself? These experts will happily clean your clothes for you and fold them perfectly. To learn more, call (334) 678-0800 or visit them online today.

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