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3 Uses for a Stone Hauler August 5, 2019

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3 Uses for a Stone Hauler , 9, Tennessee

When you want to transport rock, gravel, or other stones, you need a reliable truck. Whether you have a major backyard landscaping project coming up or want to repair your driveway, a stone hauler can be used for numerous applications. Here are a few.

Why Enlist a Stone Hauler?

1. Lay Playground Bed 

If you plan to install a playground on your property for your children, you need a safe, reliable foundation. Pea gravel tends to serve as the top material for swing sets, slides, and other playground equipment, since it creates a relatively soft layer for children if they fall. Once you construct the playground’s perimeter, call a stone hauler to deliver the pea gravel you need to complete the task.

2. Patch Driveway

stone haulerOver the years, gravel driveways require regular touch-ups to maintain their function. If your gravel driveway looks a little patchy, you can enlist a stone hauler to deliver the precise amount of gravel you need. Then, simply rake the gravel through the sparser areas to spread it evenly, which will improve its traction and appearance.

3. Build Patio

Patios provide the perfect place to host friends and enjoy your yard. Whether you hope to build a flagstone, granite, or gravel patio, a stone hauler can deliver the precise type of stones you need. Afterward, laying the stones is relatively easy. You may opt to do it yourself or enlist a landscaper. 


If you need a stone hauler for your next project, contact Cookeville, Tennessee’s experts. Since 1970, the team from Bennett Paving has offered the high-quality driveway, landscaping, and hauling services local home and business owners rely on. Whether you need stone delivery, driveway resurfacing, or asphalt sealing services, they complete each task with efficiency and professionalism. To learn more about what the company offers, visit the website or call (931) 858-4596.

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