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The Do's & Don'ts of Planning for Roof Replacement August 17, 2018

Yellow Springs, Greene
The Do's & Don'ts of Planning for Roof Replacement, Yellow Springs, Ohio

If your roof has fallen into disrepair, replacing the current system will restore property value and appeal. From what materials to use to which roofer to hire, there are several questions to consider before starting work. To ensure the success of your project, below is a guide to what you should and shouldn’t do when planning a roof replacement. 


Hire a licensed and insured roofer.

Installing a new roof can be dangerous, which is why you should only hire a qualified roofer for the job. When interviewing candidates, make sure to choose a technician that is licensed in your state. This means they have passed exams and undergone extensive training, so they can provide quality work. The individual should also have insurance coverage, as it will protect you from financial responsibility if the person, or their subcontractors, get injured.

Get estimates in writing. 

Springfield-Ohio-rooferTo prevent surprises once work is complete, ask the roofer for a written estimate before you sign a service agreement. The document should thoroughly outline all project parameters. Make sure it includes the specific materials that will be used and the cost of each. Labor fees and any additional expenses should also be included in the estimate, as well as how long the project should take to complete.


Forget to consult with the Homeowners’ Association.

Before you secure construction permits, make sure to reach out to the Homeowners’ Association regarding the project. Representatives will let you know important information that could dictate the type of roof replacement you can install. Some communities might have rules in place regarding the color of the roof, style, and materials used. Knowing the rules before you begin will prevent potential problems when work is underway.

Neglect to have the roof inspected before replacement.

Have the property professionally inspected before scheduling roof replacement. If you plan to add a layer on top of the existing roof, a trained technician will let you know whether the building support materials are sturdy enough to hold the additional weight. If not, you can arrange for the roofer to remove the old installation to prevent additional strain to the building.


If you want to improve property efficiency and comfort with a new roof, the roofers at Double T Roofing, LLC in Springfield, OH, are equipped to handle installation. With more than 25 years of experience, you can also trust the roofing contractors to provide a gutter system and siding installation to protect your property from the elements. For a free service estimate in southwestern Ohio, call (937) 304-1908. A team member is available to answer questions. Visit the company’s website and Facebook page to see pictures of completed roof replacement projects.

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