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Why You Should Design Your Own Engagement Ring September 4, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
Why You Should Design Your Own Engagement Ring, Manhattan, New York

Are you getting ready to propose to your loved one? After deciding to make your commitment long-term, the next step is to shop for the perfect ring that expresses your love and devotion. This is possibly the most important gift you’ll ever bestow, so make it special. The professionals at Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting in New York, NY, explain why would-be grooms should consider custom jewelry casting.

3 Reasons to Design a Custom Engagement Ring

1. Add Sentimental Touches

jewelry castingDesigning a custom ring allows you to add meaningful touches. For example, you can include a diamond from a grandmother’s antique ring or an unusual gemstone at the center stone or as part of the setting. You can also add an engraving or incorporate design elements that reflect her style.

2. It Will Be One-of-a-Kind

Jewelry store rings can be beautiful and timeless, but they’re rarely unique. Custom jewelry casting gives the woman you love an engagement ring no other bride will have. It’s the perfect way to tell her she’s “the one.”

3. Design Within Budget

Whether you have a limited budget or can spare no expense, custom jewelry casting will produce the most impressive ring for your money. They may suggest gemstone alternatives and metals that offer the look of more expensive materials.

To get started designing a custom engagement ring for the one you love, contact the professionals at Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting in Midtown Manhattan. These jewelry casting artisans are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, they will help bring your vision to life or help guide you if you’re not sure how best to incorporate her style and preferences in the design. Call (212) 221-0440 to book an appointment and visit their website for more information about their services.

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