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3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber August 17, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead
 3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber, Kalispell, Montana

Your plumbing is one of your most important home systems, and try as you might, yours will eventually exhibit issues. Finding the right plumber to resolve them can be difficult, as there’s so many for hire. Plumbing requires extensive experience and expertise, which is why it’s important to ask the right questions when interviewing contractors. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues, remember to ask a prospective plumber the following questions.

3 Questions to Ask to Find a Trusted Plumber

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Plumbing issues often require troubleshooting learned from years of experience. A fully trained plumber—known as a master plumber—is the best option for the job, so ask a potential hire what their level is. Apprentice or journeyman plumbers are qualified to tackle a variety of jobs, but if you’re working with a contractor, make sure they’ve reached their master certification from the state to get the best results.

2. Are You Licensed?

plumberIn most states, a plumber has to be licensed to provide services. The license is awarded by the state once they’ve passed tests and proven themselves to be proficient in all aspects of the job. Licensed plumbers take part in continuing education exercises and are insured, so always make sure you hire someone who has their license. An unlicensed plumber may cause further damage, do a shoddy job, or even get you fined by the state.

3. What Are the Financial Details?

It’s important to be clear about payment from the start. Ask if they charge a flat-rate or invoice hourly, if they can provide an estimate and paperwork, as well as when they want to be paid. This ensures that there aren’t any hidden fees when the job is completed or goes on for longer than expected. A fair, experienced plumber will be honest about the work and pay and take measures to put everything in writing.


Plumb-Rite Plumbing has built a reputation as the leading commercial and residential team of plumbers throughout the Flathead Valley. Located in Kalispell, MT, their skilled technicians can provide a variety of services and understand that plumbing emergencies can’t wait. Whether it’s minor repairs around the home, water heater installation, or more extensive sewer cleaning, they’ll work with you to ensure you get lasting results from your system. Call (406) 257-7795 to speak with their staff. You can also connect with them on Facebook for plumbing care tips and visit their website to explore their services further.

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