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How Soda & Juice Impact Your Toddler's Teeth September 3, 2018

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How Soda & Juice Impact Your Toddler's Teeth, Springdale, Ohio

You want your kids to stay hydrated, which is why you might not think twice before offering them a can of soda or a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. However, these popular beverages can damage enamel and are especially harmful to a child’s developing smile. Consider the following guide about how soda and juice can impact your child’s teeth, and how family dentistry practices can help.

Understanding How Beverages Affect Teeth

How Can Soda & Juice Harm My Toddler’s Smile? 

family dentistryBoth soda and juice are exceptionally high in sugar, fueling oral bacteria that cause gum inflammation and dental decay. Since the pH of your child’s saliva lowers every time they take a sip, letting your child drink juice and soda slowly throughout the day is especially damaging.

Family dentistry practices explain that lower salivary pH levels soften dental enamel, making the teeth prone to enamel erosion and dental decay. Sugars from these beverages can also leave residues on the teeth that allow food particles to stick more easily, paving the way for plaque and tartar buildup.

What Should I Offer Instead? 

Instead of offering juice and soda, focus on having your child drink plenty of fresh water. To make water consumption a little more fun, let them choose their own refillable water bottle. If your child craves soda or juice, give it to them all at once, and ask them to drink it during a meal instead of letting them sip throughout the day. Keep in mind that milk is also high in sugar, so offer it the same way you would offer juice.


In addition to offering your child healthier drinks, make it a point to bring them in for regular family dentistry visits. At Kemper Pond Dental in Cincinnati, OH, their kind, caring family dentistry team will give your child excellent dental care while making them feel right at home. To book appointments for your little ones, visit their website or give their office a call at (513) 531-4069.

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