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3 Reasons to Start a Bowling League August 16, 2018

Flushing, Queens
3 Reasons to Start a Bowling League, Queens, New York

Heading to your local lanes and tossing some balls is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity, but the fun can be increased even more if you start your own bowling league. With a more structured approach to the sport, you’re bound to reap many more benefits than you would with a less-frequent schedule. Here are just some of the reasons why creating a bowling league with a group of your friends is ideal.

Why You Should Create a Bowling League

1. Learn a New Skill

bowlingStarting a bowling league isn’t just for seasoned bowlers. If you were just starting out as a runner, joining a running club would be a great motivator and make the activity a more social affair. The same goes for bowling. Even a beginner will have fun meeting up regularly and knocking down pins with a group. The social nature of the meetup will make it more enjoyable to go to week after week; and, if there are more experienced bowlers in the group, you’re sure to get pointers that will improve your game.

2. Scheduled Social Time

Life gets very busy, and it can be hard to coordinate schedules on a regular basis. Creating a bowling league, however, turns the occasional hangout into a regular, scheduled outing. This makes it much easier to plan no matter what a person’s week looks like. Once the bowling night becomes a habit for your group, you have a social outing that is always on the calendar.

3. Meet New Friends

You may be meeting with your group of bowling friends most of the time, but you’re sure to run into other bowlers in the league. After sharing lanes for weeks on end, someone can quickly change from an acquaintance to a friend. In this way, creating a bowling league not only strengthens the friendships you have – it develops new ones.


If you’re looking to start a bowling league in the Flushing, NY, area, there’s no better destination than Whitestone Lanes. This classic alley has offered the best in bowling for over 50 years and takes pride in providing a comfortable and friendly environment for new bowlers and veteran bowlers alike. Visit the website for more information on bowling specials or call (718) 353-6300 to speak with a friendly representative today.

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