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What to Expect From Post-Surgical Treatment After Knee Surgery September 3, 2018

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What to Expect From Post-Surgical Treatment After Knee Surgery , Dothan, Alabama

Individuals who have sustained a knee injury or require ongoing pain management to cope with bad knees may elect to undergo replacement surgery to curb discomfort and improve physical dexterity. After this procedure, post-surgical treatment is important to ensure your knees regain strength and flexibility. If your medical team has recommended this operation, here’s what you can expect in the days and weeks following the procedure. 

Understanding Post-surgical Treatment Plans for Knee Surgery

Early Care

The early days following surgery are the most challenging. Before going to the hospital, make sure you have a support system of friends and family to provide both physical and emotional assistance as getting around and cooking meals will be tough. Your doctor will likely prescribe pain medication, but remember to stay hydrated and ice and elevate your knee as much as possible throughout the day to reduce inflammation and swelling. 

Six-week Recovery Process

post surgical treatmentMost patients need four to six weeks to recover before they feel comfortable walking and driving. Leading up to this period, you’ll need to wear knee braces, take it easy, and participate in physical therapy to stretch and strengthen your new knee. The road to recovery can be trying since you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite physical activities at the same level, so keep in close contact with your doctor and monitor your emotional state with your healthcare team. 

Long-term Post-surgical Treatment Recommendations

After six weeks to two months of rest and physical therapy, you should regain some of your strength and dexterity. In the weeks and months that follow, it will be important to embrace a routine but manageable exercise program, on-going visits to your physical therapy clinic, at-home stretches, and a healthy diet. Your knee may experience some sharp pains and occasional swelling that should be monitored by you and your doctor. 


For the last decade, Physical Therapy Specialists has been helping residents throughout the greater Dothan, AL, area with pain relief and injury rehabilitation. With a commitment to providing every patient with compassionate, individualized care during post-surgical treatment, you can count on this clinic to deliver hands-on service geared towards a speedy recovery. If you need assistance with pain management or healing a knee injury, call their office at (334) 673-2422 to schedule your first appointment. 

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