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The Basics of Septic Pumping & Maintenance August 31, 2018

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The Basics of Septic Pumping & Maintenance , Kerrville, Texas

Properties that lie outside of municipal water supply systems must rely on septic tanks. In these instances, the property owner takes responsibility for the management and maintenance of the system, including scheduling regular septic pumping. To maintain a clean, efficient system and avoid overflows, homeowners should follow these essential steps.  

Schedule Regular Septic Pumping

Most homeowners need to schedule septic pumping appointments about every three years to remove accumulated debris. However, this figure may vary based on the size of the household, the amount of water utilized, and septic tank size. If you’re not sure how often yours needs to be pumped, check your septic tank history records or enlist a professional to inspect your system. Regular inspections about every other year can help avoid a tank backup or overflow down the road.

Take Proactive Measures at Home

septic pumpingIn addition to professional support and regular septic pumping, homeowners must take everyday steps to protect their tank. Ensure that no one in your household permits items like grease, oil, food scraps, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, dental floss, or chemicals like household cleaners to wash down the drain. In general, only human waste and toilet paper should enter the pipes, as any other items may cause clogs and backups.

You can also protect your septic tanks by reducing water usage. Limit shower time, cut back on washing machine usage, reduce sprinkler use, and switch to high-efficiency showerheads and toilets. Conserving water helps the environment as well as your system.


If you need septic pumping or other maintenance, consult Harper, TX’s experts. The team from A1 Septic Cleaning Service provides the prompt, high-quality residential and commercial septic tank support locals rely on. They also offer real estate inspections and grease trap pumping. To learn more about services, visit their website, or call them at (830) 257-7867.

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