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Get Ready for Back to School Sports With OsteoStrong August 16, 2018

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
Get Ready for Back to School Sports With OsteoStrong, O'Fallon, Missouri

With back to school season approaching, it's time to consider how high school athletes are preparing for the upcoming sports season. In addition to practices and conditioning, one of the ways to have the strongest sports season yet is to meet with a team who helps with bone and joint health to ensure your body is ready for the year. The team at OsteoStrong in O'Fallon, MO, explain why this is so important.

What Athletes Should Keep in Mind for Optimal Bone and Joint Healthjoint health

Although high school athletes are young, it's crucial to consider bone health, tendons, and joint health before it becomes an injury down the line. Your bones, joints, and tendons are core to your athletic performance and work to keep your muscular system ready for games. Focusing on building strength can help to prevent fractures while encouraging the body to develop more muscle growth. 

How OsteoStrong Can Help High School Athletes

At OsteoStrong, their trained team members help patients strengthen their bodies without hitting the gym. Members get the chance to work with a trainer once per week to strengthen the foundation of the body. It's sweat-free and fast, with sessions lasting less than 10 minutes. Their team has seen bone density levels increase significantly, alongside more muscle and power developed for athletes through their musculoskeletal training.

If you're an athlete, a parent of an athlete, or a school coach looking to get ready for the upcoming sports season, visit the trusted team at OsteoStrong in O'Fallon, MO. In addition to helping unleash the physical performance of athletes in the St. Peters and Wentzville areas, their team specializes in improving bone and joint health and managing symptoms of joint pain — common concerns for young athletes. With the latest technology and equipment, OsteoStrong is equipped to help increase bone density and improve balance. To learn more about how their team helps athletes, visit them online, or call (636) 238-8696 to schedule a tour today. 

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