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A Boat Owner's Guide to Trailer Tires August 17, 2018

Livonia, Livingston
A Boat Owner's Guide to Trailer Tires, Livonia, New York

Boat trailer tires are different from the ones on cars, so it’s important that you know what to look for. Having the right tires will efficiently get you to and from the lake without incident. Here’s a brief guide to help you buy and care for these products.

What to Get

Boat trailer tires are unique because they have stronger sidewalls to compensate for the extra weight. They will have the letters ST on the sidewall along with the specific size. If you only make short trips to the lake, look for cheaper bias-ply tires. Radial tires are best if you plan to take your boat for longer trips, such as on the freeway. If your trailer currently has radial tires, don’t switch over to bias-ply unless your tire professional tells you it’s safe to do so.

boat trailer tiresKnow the weight of your boat when you head into the tire shop, since the weight you need to carry will determine what class of tire you need to get. The options, ranging from lowest capacity to highest, are B, C, D and E. C and D are the most commonly used.

How to Care for Them

Boat trailer tires are designed to support a lot of weight, but they aren’t built for speed. You’ll have the safest driving experience and avoid unnecessary blowouts if you keep your speed beneath 65 miles per hour. Stay in the right lane on the freeway to safely maintain this slower speed. If you have heavy cargo in the boat, move it to the vehicle before driving any long distances. If you leave the trailer parked somewhere long-term, park it inside or cover the wheels and tires with a tarp to protect them from the sun. UV rays can break down the rubber.


Briggs Tire Service in Livonia, NY, offers an expansive selection of boat trailer tires at affordable prices. They have both new and used tires available to suit your budget and needs. Visit their website to learn about their full range of services and call (585) 346-3041 to talk about fitting your trailer with new tires.

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