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How to Find Help for Drug Abuse in Ohio October 1, 2018

Elyria, Lorain
How to Find Help for Drug Abuse in Ohio, Elyria, Ohio

This October, people all over America will celebrate National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in a united effort to prevent addiction and help those with dependency issues. While awareness efforts are growing, statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveal that the number of people suffering from drug abuse has continued to rise—leaving an estimated 22.7 million Americans in need of treatment. If you or a loved one is affected by this issue, here are a few important details to know.

What Drugs Are Commonly Abused in Ohio?

White House reports have found that several substances have grown in popularity in Ohio. For example, in 2009-2010, Ohio was among the top ten states where teens have reported abuse of prescription painkillers. Between 2008 and 2011, meth lab seizures grew by 36%, indicating a possible growth in methamphetamine abuse. Additional statistics from Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services confirm these trends, while also highlighting increases in fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.  

How Can You Recognize a Drug Abuse Problem?

drug abuseDifferent substances can cause different reactions, so the specific signs of addiction can vary from person to person and drug to drug. However, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence says there are many general signs that can indicate potential abuse.

Commonly, people struggling with drug abuse will exhibit behavioral changes—such as depression, angry outbursts, and sporadic periods of hyperactivity.  Addiction may also be a problem if a person’s been avoiding work and family responsibilities, withdrawing socially, lying about spending, or blacking out. Certain drugs may also change a person’s appearance due to weight loss and decreased personal hygiene,

How Can You Overcome Addiction?

When addiction patterns continue, the problem typically only gets worse—putting the individual’s life in danger. As such, the best way to overcome substance abuse is to catch it early and seek professional treatment.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, look for recovery programs that can provide safe, careful guidance through the withdrawal and rehabilitation processes. There are several types of programs out there—so if one hasn’t worked in the past, try a new approach. For example, some individuals benefit most from staying in a rehab center for several weeks, while others may find that out-patient therapy is the most effective.


Residents of Lorain and Elyria, OH can find comprehensive drug abuse support through Psych & Psych Services. Conveniently located near Downtown Elyria, this counseling center can connect you to the best therapy options for your needs—including those focused on drug abuse and alcohol treatment. These specialists are also qualified to address mental health issues that can co-occur with addiction, such as anxiety and depression. For more information on how this caring team can help you achieve sobriety, visit their website. To speak with a friendly specialist about treatment options, call (440) 323-5121.

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