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4 Tips to Help Children Who Have Been Wetting the Bed September 7, 2018

Mason, Warren
4 Tips to Help Children Who Have Been Wetting the Bed, Mason, Ohio

When your child has been wetting the bed, it’s important to be supportive and help them overcome the issue in any way you can. Methods can range from creating a more structured bathroom schedule to investing in stain-resistant mattress pads. Here is a guide for what you can do for your child. 

How to Minimize Bedwetting

1. Avoid Blame

When a child repeatedly wets the bed, it can be frustrating for the parent who has to clean it up and continually monitor the problem. While it may be an inconvenience, the answer is never to blame the child. That can lead to increased stress and may even exacerbate the problem. Instead, be as supportive as possible and let your child know you’re there to help them. 

2. Create a Bathroom Schedule

Ultimately, the body tends to respond well to creating habits through scheduling. It can help to set a few times throughout the day when your child is supposed to go to the bathroom (including a session before bed). This should help them adjust and minimize the behavior. 

3. Limit Liquids Later in the Day

The more liquids a child drinks at night, the higher the chance of a bedwetting incident if they’ve exhibited that behavior before. Try to provide your son or daughter with a steadier supply of water and other drinks in the morning and afternoon, and then begin offering a little less as it becomes evening. 

4. Invest in a Resistant Mattress

mattress padOne thing you can do to lower the impact of the behavior and create a less unpleasant and stressful environment is to invest in a stain- and odor-resistant mattress pad. Having that surface below them will lower the stakes of the issue and create a more comfortable setting to triumph over the problem. 


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