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4 Auto Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owners August 17, 2018

Tariffville, Simsbury
4 Auto Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owners, Simsbury, Connecticut

Owning a car for the first time provides the opportunity to revel in your newfound freedom and explore your surroundings with extra confidence. It also means educating yourself on auto maintenance basics to keep your investment in excellent condition for many miles. Start by reading your owner’s manual to get an idea of how your vehicle operates and what maintenance tasks serve it best.

Top 4 DIY Auto Maintenance Tips for New Car Owners

1. Monitor Tire Air Pressure

Check tire air pressure once or twice a month – and before any lengthy trip with a pressure gauge tool. Overinflated tires can burst from excessive pressure and do not grip the road with the same efficiency, while underinflated tires come in too much contact with the road to create extra friction and subsequently wear prematurely.

2. Check the Oil

auto maintenanceInspect the oil level to keep the many parts of your engine lubricated. Dirty oil becomes thick sludge that cannot prevent friction among engine parts, resulting in wear and tear. Remove the oil dipstick found at the back of the hood near the engine after parking your vehicle on level ground to get an accurate reading. Add more oil if the level is low, or take the car to your local auto maintenance shop if you suspect a leak.

3. Keep It Clean

Clean your car about once a month depending on the conditions you regularly drive in. Routine washing removes corrosive bird excrement and insect remains, among other debris, that eat away at vehicle paint. Apply manufacturer-recommended wax to further protect the paint from the elements.

4. Replace the Windshield Wipers

Replace your windshield wipers about every six months. Old wipers create streaks that reduce visibility and increase your accident risk. Bare wipers – or those that have lost their rubber – can scratch your windshield and result in expensive replacements. Clean wipers with glass cleaner about every month or so to prolong their lifespan.

Find a reputable auto maintenance shop for periodic tune-ups, oil changes, and brake pad replacements. Auto mechanics also let you know about any other issues affecting your vehicle, such as wheel misalignments that contribute to balding tires.


Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs has proudly provided Tariffville, CT, and surrounding area drivers with dependable auto maintenance and repair services for 20 years. ASE-certified auto mechanics offer a full suite of services on every vehicle make and model to help drivers feel safe and secure on the road. Call (860) 325-5977 today to request your free estimate or visit the website for more service information. Like the technicians on Facebook for the latest professional tips.

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