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3 Skincare Tips You Don’t Already Know August 15, 2018

Seymour, New Haven County
3 Skincare Tips You Don’t Already Know, Seymour, Connecticut

Most skincare savvy individuals know to moisturize, tone regularly, and drink plenty of water. If that sounds like you, you may also scour blogs from beauty experts and dermatologists alike regarding the most effective serums, cleansers, and other products on the market. So, what haven’t you tried? Endless elixirs aside, here are some simple skincare tricks that may surprise you.

The Ultimate Skincare Guidelines

1. Never Skip Sunscreen

You already know that you should lather up on SPF during the summer months. However, beauty experts and dermatologists alike strongly urge people to wear sunscreen year-round — even when it’s cold and cloudy. Wrinkle- and cancer-causing UV rays can penetrate the skin no matter what, and over the years, they can add up. Furthermore, UVA rays can travel through windows and cause damage over time.

2. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

skin careYou know when you wake up with lines from your pillow imprinted on your cheek? As it turns out, all that tossing and turning can lead to permanent wrinkles. While sleeping on your back can remedy the issue, switching to an 100% silk pillowcase can prevent sleep lines. Alternatively, purchase one in a very soft fabric with the highest possible thread count.

3. Don’t Mess With Fire

You already knew not to get too close to an open flame. However, close exposure to heat — whether it’s a space heater or fireplace — can risk more than your personal safety. Prolonged exposure to fireplaces or other heat sources from a distance of two to three feet can lead to a sunburn-like redness; it also breaks down collagen in the face.


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