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A Tree Service Discusses the Benefits of Brush Clipping August 15, 2018

Valley Springs, Calaveras
A Tree Service Discusses the Benefits of Brush Clipping, Valley Springs, California

You need to trim the trees and shrubs in the yard regularly to remove diseased branches and encourage healthy growth. Similarly, it’s also important to lay down mulch around your plants. This can deter weed growth and also provides additional nutrients to the flowers and grass. Instead of buying a mulching product, there are ways to recycle the leftovers from trimming. Below, the tree service professionals at Lone Pine Tree Service in Valley Springs, CA, explain what you need to know.

What Is Brush Chipping?

Recycling the wood from trimmed branches is known as brush chipping. A tree service professional will complete the job of removing a diseased stump or trimming healthy trees to make room for new growth. Instead of carting these materials off to dispose of them elsewhere, they’ll run them through an industrial chipper and reduce them to the appropriate size for wood mulch. You can then use these to beautify your yard and provide the appropriate nutrients instead of buying something at the garden supplies store.

What Are the Benefits?

Ttree servicehere are numerous benefits to brush chipping. First, it’s a fantastic form of recycling: Your trees need to be trimmed anyway, so there’s no need to use a different product that would require natural resources to be created to get the mulch you require. Additionally, it has a low impact on the environment. The arborists won’t have to put the wood clippings in a truck and drive them someplace else. It also saves you money on paying for store-bought mulch and tree trimming services.

Take advantage of brush chipping by asking the professionals at Lone Pine Tree Service to include it next time you get your trees trimmed. These tree service experts have been in business for over two decades and are fully licensed and insured. To learn more about how they will help you, call (209) 772-3411, and visit them online to learn more about their tree care, trimming, and removal services.