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The 3 Benefits of Deadbolt Door Locks August 24, 2018

Kenvil, Morris County
The 3 Benefits of Deadbolt Door Locks, Kenvil, New Jersey

Our homes are sanctuaries. They provide a safe space where we can relax with our families, store valuables and belongings without fear, and find shelter from the outside world. Protecting our homes should be a priority, and one that’s worth spending the time and money on the best means of security. Door locks are the main line of defense for most residences, and, of all the options available, the deadbolt is perhaps the safest and most burglar-proof. Here are some of its advantages.

Advantages of a Deadbolt Door Lock

1. Resist Forced Entry

Forced entry is an aspect of most burglaries. Many doors are not sturdy enough to resist a crowbar or a solid kick, which leaves the entire house exposed. A deadbolt’s unique design resists this, however. The bolt itself is made of hardened steel and extends into the hole of the door jamb. This hole should be protected by a metal plate with screws that hold it in place. The entire mechanism is strong enough to resist blows from the outside.

2. Nearly Impossible to Pick

locksmithsAnother distinction of deadbolts is that they aren’t spring operated. This is an advantage, because locks with springs provide an opportunity for criminals to pick or jimmy the lock. Deadbolts are designed not to turn except for with the key or knob. Some deadbolts require a key to open both the outside and inside; this provides better security, but also may be hazardous in the event of a fire, unless the key is kept close to or inside of the lock.

3. Provide a Deterrent

Deadbolts also provide a psychological advantage: intruders are less likely to target a home with stringent security measures. The presence of a deadlock signifies to them that a residence is well-protected, encouraging them to move on and look for easier locations.


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