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3 Benefits of Booking Airport Transportation August 28, 2018

Inwood, Manhattan
3 Benefits of Booking Airport Transportation, Manhattan, New York

Getting to and from the airport can be quite an adventure. Rather than try to drive yourself, inconvenience family members, or use an app, you can schedule a car service to handle all your airport transportation needs. This can make the whole process easier and more cost effective. Here are some benefits to using a car service to take you to and from the airport.

3 Reasons to Rely on Airport Transportation

1. Reliability

Airport shuttle services pride themselves on providing reliable transportation that customers can count on. Drivers know the routes surrounding the airport and any issues that might delay arrival, so they will make sure to pick you up at the exact time you request and get you to the destination in a timely manner.

2. Fare Consistency

Since these services often take familiar routes to the airport, their pricing structure is also reliable. Minor delays like a stalled car on the road or a barrage of red lights shouldn’t cause you to pay a significantly higher rate. Plus, drivers aren’t incentivized to take roundabout ways to get to a destination just to keep the meter running longer.

3. Ease of Payment

airport transportationThere’s a single invoice or bill that covers all parts of the service, including transportation, help with bags, and a tip. You don’t have to worry about paying with an app or keeping extra cash on hand to tip the driver separately. This can streamline what you carry when you travel. 

4. Fewer Lines

If you don’t schedule transportation ahead of time, you might be stuck waiting with everyone else at the airport who needs a vehicle. Instead of spending hours getting through the airport and waiting at a rental car facility or in a taxi line, you can cut through those steps and simply meet the driver who is waiting for you out front.

5. Timely Pickups

The last thing you want on a travel day is to be late for a flight. Since car services are familiar with the routes leading to the airport, they’ll know about any construction or issues that might lead to a delay. This means they’ll be more likely to leave enough time for the drive or find alternative routes on the way. 


If you require airport transportation in New York, NY, rely on the professionals at First Class Car & Limo Service. This luxury car service offers limousines and other vehicles to take you to the airport, doctor’s office, or special events like weddings or proms. You can book a ride on their app through the App Store® or Google Play™ store, pay by credit card over the phone, or complete the transaction in cash—whatever is more convenient for you. They also have car seats for kids and provide medical transportation services. If you forget something, you’ll easily be able to reach the general office for help.With more than 20 years in business, they are equipped with quality vehicles and reliable drivers who will ensure a positive experience for every customer. Call (212) 304-1111 or visit them online to book a driver.

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