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Towing Company Shares 3 Tips So You Never Run Out of Gas August 29, 2018

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Towing Company Shares 3 Tips So You Never Run Out of Gas, Washington, Missouri

When you’re in town or a city, filling stations are abundant. However, if your drive takes you into rural areas with infrequent opportunities for pit stops, there’s a real risk of running out of fuel along the way. Patriot Towing, a trusted towing company in Washington, MO, offers some tips on how to avoid getting stranded.

How to Avoid Running out of Fuel

1. Carry a Spare Gallon in the Trunk

No matter how mindful you are of the amount of gas in your tank, everyone occasionally forgets to fill up before embarking on a long drive. One might end up miles away from the nearest station as their gauge hits empty. To avoid this predicament, include a securely sealed gas can in your emergency preparedness kit. That extra gallon or two could save you from having to track down a towing company to get you to the next filling station.

2. Know Your Vehicle’s Average Fuel Consumption

Most vehicles today compute and display the number of miles per gallon your car gets. Use this information to estimate when you will run low on fuel and schedule a stop at your favorite gas station. You can also use this figure to compute for longer trips.

3. Note Gas Stations Along Your Route

towing companyWhen traveling long distances in rural areas, mark the service stations along the route to help schedule pit stops when you’ll need them. More importantly, note which stretches of road will have few or no options for refueling and plan to fill the tank before then. If you travel at night or on weekends, note which stations operate 24 hours a day or have a pay-at-the-pump option.

If you still find yourself stranded without fuel and in need of prompt roadside assistance or towing service, get in touch with Patriot Towing. This towing company offers safe and efficient emergency recoveries and heavy-duty towing for individuals and businesses alike. Give them a call at (636) 392-5070 for 24-hour towing or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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